The Best of Last Week: 09/18 - 09/24

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The 5 Bad Habits of Weak Lifters...And How to Avoid Them by Charles Staley

Charles Staley sheds light on 5 of the most common mishaps among struggling lifters, and gives advice on how to fix them. I see these issues all the time, even in advanced trainees.



Jeff Cavaliere: How to Fix Rounded Shoulders (GONE IN 4 STEPS!)

Jeff Cavaliere of ATHLEAN-X thoroughly explains what leads to rounded shoulders and gives four stretches/exercises to fix them. This one is EXTREMELY helpful.



Vigor Life Podcast: EP043: 4 Motivational Secrets To Overcome Resistance And Get Out Of Your Own Way

Luka Hocevar provides 4 extremely helpful motivational "secrets" in this quote-worthy episode, littered with tons of great takeaways.