Try These 3 Landmine Exercises for Stronger and Healthier Shoulders

This article was originally written for STACK.

Has your shoulder routine gotten stale? Tired of doing the same shoulder exercises week after week, month after month? Are heavy barbell overhead presses leaving you broken and in pain?

Then I've got just what you need.

Here are three shoulder exercises using the landmine that are guaranteed to help you build bigger and stronger delts, pain-free.

Band-Resisted Landmine Shoulder Press

Overhead presses are crucial for building a set of broad shoulders. Unfortunately standard barbell overhead presses often lead to irritating shoulder and lower-back pain. The landmine variation, however, puts much less stress on the shoulder joints and is a great pain-free way to stack muscle onto the front delts and upper chest.

There are multiple ways to set your feet, but I prefer a split stance with the opposite leg of the pressing arm forward for the greatest stability. With Landmine Presses, the lift actually becomes easier as you reach the top of the movement. To add accommodating resistance, loop a band around the barbell and your back foot. This will not only make the lockout tougher, it will force you to slow down to control the eccentric portion of the lift, leading to greater hypertrophy.

Landmine Lateral Raise

The plane of motion on this exercise is unique and actually works all three heads of your shoulder (front, medial and rear) simultaneously. With a standard dumbbell, cable or machine lateral raise, you are raising the weight directly to your sides, specifically aiming to target the medial delt. The landmine lateral raise begins with a front raise and then curves outward to a lateral raise.

Stand perpendicular to the barbell with one hand holding the end of it on your opposite hip. Keep your arm straight as you lift and allow the natural arc of the landmine to guide the movement. And keep it light; the bar alone should be enough.

Landmine Reverse Fly

This exercise is great for targeting the chronically under-trained and neglected rear delts. It will also hammer the musculature of the upper back and even work the core.

Stand facing away from the landmine, hinge your hips and maintain a flat back. From there, simply raise the bar outward while keeping your arm straight. Again, the bar alone is plenty of weight. Choke up a bit if necessary to lighten the load.