Be The Example

One of the biggest motivators I had to leave my previous job and pursue my passion was the conversation I knew I’d eventually have with my son.

How was I supposed to tell Gavin that he can be whatever he wants to be when he grows up, if I’m not what I want to be?

That phrase always sounded so woo-woo to me when I was a kid. That you could “be whatever you want to be”. To be honest, I never believed it. I don’t think most do.

Looking back, it was because I CHOSE not to believe it. I chose to stay in my little bubble of comfort and security and ease. I chose to trust only what I knew, and not even consider the greater possibilities.

When Gavin grows up, I want him to know he has a choice. That he truly can do whatever he wants. And I want him to look to me as the example.