Lead By Example

I love having my little guy in the gym with me.

A really interesting statistic I learned from Ben Greenfield from his recent appearance on the Onnit Podcast with Kyle Kingsbury is that the *NUMBER ONE* indicator of a child's performance on a Bleep Test (the test we all took in PE where you run from one side to the other- which generally indicates a kid's fitness level) is how physically fit the child perceives their parents to be.

Isn't that crazy?!

It's not even about how fit the parents actually are, but rather how fit the child THINKS they are.

So what does that mean for parents?

  • Bring your kids to the gym.
  • Involve them in your workouts.
  • Do fun, physical activities with them.
  • Educate them on a healthy lifestyle.

As any parent will tell you, kids pick up things faster than you could imagine. They're always watching, listening, learning.

Do your child a favor and lead by example.