My Non-Negotiables

My Non-Negotiables

The best way to ensure success (or progress, at the very least) in any field is to create strong habits. With all of the chaos that life throws at us on a daily basis, having some semblance of a routine is essential.

My life has drastically changed over the past couple years, but there are a few things I continue to do every day without fail. Here are my daily non-negotiables:


Surprise, surprise. Yep, I “workout” every day. I put that in quotations because not everyday is a fully programmed training session (6/7 days for me, right now), but I make sure to move my body in some way. Even if it’s just a long walk, I believe some type of physical activity needs to be a daily practice.


I started doing daily personal development about 3 years ago, and it completely changed the way I look at business, relationships, and life in general. 90% of the time this is listening to podcasts, although I’ll occasionally jump into a good audiobook or some informative YouTube videos. If you’re not spending the majority of your commute listening to something mentally stimulating, you’re wasting your time!


A power list (originally coined by @andyfrisella) is essentially a daily to-do list comprised of 5 tasks. Not goals, tasks. Most people keep a running list of 50 things, which just results in them getting overwhelmed and not doing any of them. I whittle every day down to 5 tasks, no matter how small, and try to knock them all out.


At some point in the day, it’s so important that I put everything away and completely focus on my wife and kids. Admittedly, this is harder than it should be because I’m on my phone almost all day. But just one meaningful conversation with Brittany, or 15 minutes of silliness with Gavin and Aubrey have the ability to change my entire day and my perspective on whatever I’m going through.

That’s it! Just 4 things.
These are my essentials.