Talk About Stuff (It Helps)

Talk About Stuff

Last night, Brittany and I talked on the phone for well over an hour (she’s traveling for work). It reminded me of how we started our relationship. Back when I was a freshman at UT and she was still a senior in high school, we would talk on the phone for hours every single night. It was the foundation for everything.

Now, those conversations don’t happen nearly as often. Between the kids, our businesses, and everything else we have going on, we rarely have time to just talk uninterrupted. But last night reminded me just how valuable that time is.

Like most people on social media, we probably seem like we have all of our stuff together at all times. Like most people on social media, we don’t.

I have my doubts and insecurities. One of the toughest parts of my situation now is that I spend the vast majority of every day alone, running from place to place. Usually, that means I don’t really talk to anybody all day. Certainly not about anything serious.

That’s why these talks with Brittany are so important. Without them, I sit on negative thoughts for too long. When I can get those thoughts out and get a different perspective, I feel fresh. Ready to face my challenges rather than cower away from them.

If you have someone close to you, talk to them. Don’t let the negativity consume your thoughts. Get it out, get feedback, and get moving.

Thanks, babe.