Episode 47 - What You Need To Know About Progressive Overload



Justin and Kevin go deep on the topic of progressive overload. They're covering how to properly manipulate volume, intensity, and frequency to make long-term gains in the gym.

Progressive overload is the foundation of any good training program. Essentially, it means doing more work over time. There are a ton of factors that play into this principle, and the guys are here to guide you through them.

This week, Justin and Kevin discuss when it's appropriate to increase volume (sets, reps, and weight), the sneaky-easy way to make any exercise more intense, and how often you should be training each muscle group.







Episode 46 - A Refreshing Coaching Discussion with Jake Tuura



Kevin and Justin welcome Jake Tuura on the show for an in-depth conversation on coaching athletes.

Jake is a Strength & Conditioning Coach at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio. He has held multiple positions in collegiate athletics, including an internship under Cal Dietz at Minnesota. Jake is also an expert contributor for top online fitness publications such as STACK and T Nation.

The guys discuss fighting the "this is the way we've always done it" culture in coaching, challenging personal beliefs, and making programming more enjoyable for athletes. Jake also touches on RPR, Triphasic Training, and how he trains to be a Jacked Athlete.





3:00 - 12:00: Jake Tuura Background & Bio

  • Jake shares some of his personal and professional experience in strength & conditioning over the past 9 years, including an internship under Cal Dietz at Minnesota.
  • Why Jake feels fortunate to not have an abundance of fitness technology at his current facility.
  • The importance of focusing on principles rather than methods.

12:00 - 33:00: How to Make Programming More Enjoyable for Athletes

  • How to properly respond to people who are looking for immediate results.
  • Why you can’t judge a coach or a program based on a single snippet of an exercise.
  • The importance of managing different personality types as a coach.
  • Why your resume means nothing without evidence-based results.

33:00 - 1:04:00: RPR, Point of Focus, and Training Environment

  • What RPR is and how it works.
  • How our bodies are capable of storing trauma.
  • The role that environment plays in recovery and performance.
  • Why inspiration is a greater motivator than anger.
  • Jake’s personal training beliefs and how he trains to be strong and athletic.

1:04:00 - 1:10:00: The Fire Round

  • Jake answers a series of random questions including the weirdest thing he’s done with his hair and one thing he would eat everyday if it had no effect on his health.


Episode 45 - Confessions: Mistakes We Made Early In Our Career



Justin and Kevin are sharing exercises that they previously did with clients and themselves, but have since stopped using.

As coaches, it's essential to continue learning and evolving. As we do so, we may find that some of the methods we initially used aren't the best options. Rather than be dogmatic and stubborn, we must admit our faults and adapt.

Justin and Kevin discuss topics such as high rep plyometrics, stretching clients, and doing things because "that's how it's always been done."





3:00 - 50:00: Exercises We Used to Love, But Now We Hate

  • The issues with high-rep plyometrics.
  • The importance of vetting your resources and using good training information.
  • Moving away from the “That’s How We’ve Always Done It” culture.
  • Why coaches should know the “why” behind all of their programming.
  • Why “road work” is a potentially damaging aspect of fight culture.
  • How overuse is ruining youth athletics.
  • Why Kevin tends to stay within the 6-15 rep range for most clients.
  • Why Justin stopped stretching clients after workouts.


Episode 44 - How Habits Can Carry You Through Adversity



This week, Justin and Kevin are talking about why it's important to lean on strong habits in times of chaos.

We all go through challenging times that push us out of our typical routine and into a more difficult situation. Whether it's stress from work, relationships, or new life circumstances, there are always things that threaten our status quo. In these times, powerful positive habits are more important than ever.

On this episode, we discuss the impact of a strong morning routine, turning losses into wins, and the power of the compound effect.








Episode 43 - From Free Training To Pro Training with Matt Kite



This week, Kevin and Justin welcome Matt Kite on the show to share his journey from three-time intern to, now, the Director of Education at D1 Sports.

At just 28, Matt is already coaching the coaches at D1 Sports nationwide. He has worked with numerous professional athletes in the NFL and MLB. But he didn't get there overnight. After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin in 2013, Matt took 3 unpaid internships at multiple facilities in different cities before finding a home at D1.

On this show, we talk to Matt about the value of working for free, as well as the qualities that he looks for in a coach, and how new trainers in the industry can get a leg up on the competition.





3:00 - 27:00: The Internships

  • What Matt learned from training at Moncrief alongside world-class athletes.
  • Why working at the HIT Center in Austin changed Matt’s career aspirations.
  • Why Matt took his third unpaid internship when he moved from Austin to Dallas.
  • How to work for free the right way.

27:00 - 49:00: D1 Sports

  • How Matt’s initial inquiry to be a client at D1 turned into a job application.
  • What Matt learned from being a gym manager in addition to being a coach.
  • How Matt went from coach to Director of Education at D1 in just 4 years.
  • The importance of staying persistent and “finding a way”.
  • How Matt coaches the coaches at D1.
  • The training philosophies used for athletes at D1.

49:00 - 1:00:00: Qualities of a Good Coach

  • What Matt looks for in a coach.
  • Why communication and passion are prerequisites for a strong coach.
  • “Athletes don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.”
  • The role of social media at D1, and with coaching in general.

1:00:00 - 1:09:00: The Fire Round

  • Matt answers a series of random questions including his favorite UT athlete of all-time and what he wore on the first day of school in high school.


Episode 42 - The Future of the Saved By The Barbell Podcast



This week, Justin and Kevin are letting you in on some of their ideas for the future of Saved By The Barbell. For quite some time, they've been brainstorming how to grow this platform to impact more people, and now they're putting their plans to action. The guys also discuss some of the major factors that determine the success of entrepreneurs- including speed of implementation and self-confidence.





2:00 - 14:00: Gym Ownership

  • What the first few weeks of gym ownership have been like for Justin.
  • The change of scenery for Kevin at Paradigm.

14:00 - 49:00: The Future of the Podcast

  • Why implementing ideas quickly is the key to success.
  • Reflecting on the first year of the podcast.
  • The future of podcasting as a platform.
  • Why we want to build a community outside of the podcast.
  • How listeners of the show can provide value to one another.
  • Why we waited to build a website.
  • The impact that online platforms have had on our career.
  • Why being disruptive is important to carve your own path.
  • FUCK "I'm gonna".
  • Why you have to move past the fear of failure.
  • How badly we want our friends to win.
  • Consistency is the key.


Episode 41 - Creating an Elite Gym Culture with Terry Williams



This week, Justin and Kevin welcome Terry Williams on the podcast to discuss how he brings elite-level strength and conditioning to a group fitness environment.

Terry is the owner and lead instructor at The League in Houston, TX. He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist, working with athletes such as Super Bowl Champion Marcus Johnson, and is the author of the book The FlavorFuel Kitchen.

The guys discuss how the Beijing Olympics influenced Terry to become a trainer, how he uses the acronym PAC(K) to program his group workouts, and why rhythm is more important in life than balance.





3:00 - 8:00: Terry’s Intro to the Fitness Industry

  • Terry’s initial career plans, and why he decided to make a switch.
  • How the Beijing Olympics changed Terry’s life.

8:00 - 28:00: The League

  • How Terry came to own his gym- The League.
  • The advice from an NFL player that helped Terry navigate his career.
  • The advantages of being a private strength coach.
  • Why all of the guys enjoy working with the general public.
  • What the acronym PACK stands for, and how Terry runs his classes.
  • Why mixing pro athletes with “regular” people creates a great dynamic.
  • How Terry progresses his athletes from workout-to-workout.

28:00 - 35:00: Terry’s Daily Habits for Success

  • The importance of delegating as you level up in life.
  • Why it’s not about balance, it’s about rhythm.
  • Why Terry front-loads the week, and the day.

35:00 - 56:00: The Fire Round

  • The longest Fire Round ever! Terry answers a series of random questions including his favorite UT athlete of all-time and his hip-hop Mt. Rushmore.


Episode 40 - The REAL Reasons You Aren't Making Progress



You aren't making progress in the gym. You can't lose weight. You can't build muscle. And on top of it all, you don't even know why!

Well, Justin and Kevin are here to tell you.

This week, the guys are discussing a few of the major reasons that people have trouble reaching their fitness goals. Justin and Kevin have worked with hundreds of athletes, and have noticed a few common trends among them that tend to kill progress. This podcast is all about acknowledging those limiting factors, owning them, and leaving them in the past.





2:00 - 9:00: NCAA Tournament Banter

  • The guys talk for WAY too long about women’s basketball and the WNBA.

9:00 - 14:00: Identifying the Reasons People Fail to Make Progress

  • People fail to progress in and out of the gym for a few common reasons.
  • Bringing these reasons to light to help listeners identify and improve them.

14:00 - 30:00: Failing to Manage Sleep & Stress

  • Sleep is how our bodies recover- mentally and physically.
  • How chronically undersleeping leads to a host of issues including underperforming in the gym.
  • Why leaning on substances to fall asleep or avoid stress is an issue.
  • How to put your body in a parasympathetic state to help it rest and recover.

30:00 - 48:00: Eating Stuff You KNOW You Shouldn’t Eat

  • Why starting with adding the stuff you KNOW you should eat is the base for everyone.
  • How following the obvious nutrition rules alone will make a difference.
  • Why UNDEReating is just as much of a problem as OVEReating.

48:00 - 1:07:00: The Keys- Effort, Discipline, and Consistency

  • Why being consistent for a week or a month doesn’t mean anything.
  • Why discipline is like a muscle- the more you use it, the stronger it gets.
  • Why just showing up isn’t good enough.

1:07:00 - 1:20:00: Enjoy Your Training to Make Real Progress

  • Why you have to actually enjoy your training to make progress.
  • How to pick a style of working out that you’ll stick with.
  • What the best style of training is.


Episode 39 - Becoming a Player in the Industry with Cory Gregory



The man himself, Cory Gregory, is finally here.

Cory is the founder and owner of Max Effort Muscle, founder and owner of The Old School Gym, host of the Business and Biceps Podcast, cover model, elite powerlifter, and pro bodybuilder. He's also a mentor to both Justin and Kevin.

This week, the guys discuss some of the lesser-known parts of Cory's career including his first years as a personal trainer, his intro to online coaching in 2006, and the transition period between his former employer and his current supplement company. They also talk about why Cory resonates with millennials, and how young trainers can become players in the industry.





3:00 - 14:00: Pre-Internet Cory G

  • Building a local personal training business I the pre-internet era.
  • The importance of establishing local roots.
  • How Cory’s mindset shifted when he discovered online training.
  • Why you should provide value long before asking for anything in return.

14:00 - 22:00: Scaling Up

  • What Cory did when he got burned out on personal training.
  • Why Cory decided to roll the dice and go all in on supplements.
  • The importance of a family support system.

22:00 - 29:00: Restarting after MusclePharm

  • Why Cory left a “safe” situation, and how his family reacted.
  • How he established a foundation for Max Effort and Corygfitness in the months following his career switch.
  • Why Cory refuses to be unhappy.
  • The importance of being a practitioner in the industry.

29:00 - 43:00: Cory Loves the Kids

  • Why Cory connects with the millennial generation.
  • How Cory has “stayed young”.
  • Why being a “regular dude” is an advantage in the fitness industry.
  • Avoiding the ugly side of the industry.
  • How creating content has taken Cory to the next level.

43:00 - 51:00: How to Become a Player in the Industry

  • Building a personal brand while building a business.
  • Be different, be transparent, be real.
  • GRIND.
  • Keep a date on the calendar and show people the process.

51:00 - 54:00: The Fire Round

  • Cory answers a few rapid fire questions including what he wore on the first day of his senior year in high school and the most important thing he’s learned from Arnold.

You can find Cory on Instagram and Twitter.



Episode 38 - Is College Useless?



Kevin and Justin take on two of the most discussed questions in the podcast/personal development space:

1. Is college useless?
2. Should you grind through your 20s to "shine" in your 30s?

The guys weigh-in with their own personal experiences and perspectives. Coming from two dudes who are still in their 20s, with families and businesses of their own, and who have college degrees in fields they're no longer in, their opinion may be different than what you're used to hearing.





2:00-15:00: Catching Up with the Guys

  • An update on Justin’s gym.
  • Kevin’s travel schedule.
  • Why Justin once had 3 diamond stud earrings.

15:00 - 47:00: Is College Useless in Today’s Society?

  • Why the guys believe college is valuable.
  • There are certain skills that can be highly developed in college.
  • How college can transition you into adulthood.
  • Why expecting a 17-year-old to know what they want to do with their life is unrealistic.
  • Why exposing yourself to a new environment is necessary for growth.
  • What getting a degree says about you.
  • The relationships that are formed in college are often different than in other stages in life.
  • Our viewpoint on student loans.

47:00 - 1:04:00: Should You Grind Through Your 20’s to Shine in Your 30’s

  • Why having kids early skews our perspective.
  • Why enjoying experiences as they come is important.
  • Most people truly do need to grind more.


Episode 37 - The Rules Of Being A Fit Parent with Michael Ashford



Kevin and Justin welcome Michael Ashford on the show to chat about the importance of prioritizing fitness as a parent. Michael is the host of the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast, which is all about encouraging fathers to live an active, involved, healthy life with their children. On this episode, we discuss Michael's inspiration for starting Fit Dad Fitness, and dive into a few "rules" for parents looking to be healthier and more successful.





3:00 - 14:00: The Origins of Fit Dad Fitness

  • How Michael transitioned from long-form written interviews to podcasts.
  • Overcoming the initial anxiety to do audio interviews.
  • How Michael’s background as a sports journalist helped him start Fit Dad Fitness.

14:00 - 48:00: The 14 Fit Rules for Fit Dads

  • Why it’s important to involve your kids in your healthy lifestyle.
  • How to properly encourage kids to stay active.
  • Why you need to evaluate the way you’re working out, and consider your ultimate goal.
  • Which supplements actually work, and which are just marketing BS.

48:00 - 55:00: Michael’s Upcoming Book

  • Michael’s goal to guide men to more involved and selfless lives.
  • Why the 4 P’s (purpose, people, passion, profession) need to be aligned to live a better life.
  • The process of writing a book.

55:00 - 1:05:00: The Fire Round

  • Michael answers a few rapid fire questions including his favorite TV dad and his favorite podcast guest.

You can find Michael on his website or Instagram.



Episode 36 - Arnold Fitness Expo 2018 Recap



Justin and Kevin are TOGETHER for the first time in Columbus, Ohio!

The guys are in town to visit friends and check out the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival. They share what it was like to finally meet each other, who won the Arnold (spoiler: it was BANG), and how impactful it was to hangout with Cory Gregory and the rest of the Old School Gym/Max Effort crew.





1:00 – 13:00: Observations from Arnold Weekend

  • Waking up at 2:30 to lift.
  • The incredible environment at OSG.
  • Interesting fashion trends.
  • Why being authentic is such an important character trait.
  • How we formed real friendships through social media.

13:00 – 36:00: BANG Won the Arnold

  • How BANG brought Coachella to the Arnold.
  • Honorable mentions: Bradley Martyn, Max Effort Muscle, and Old School Gym.
  • The freak displays of strength we witnessed.
  • Taking what we learned this weekend and actually implementing it.
  • The value of connecting with our friends in-person.


Episode 35 - Matt Ibrahim Brings the FIRE



Kevin and Justin welcome Matt Ibrahim on the show for a fire conversation about coaching effectively in today's crowded fitness landscape.

Matt is the Co-Owner and Lead Performance Coach for TD Athletes Edge in Boston, Co-Founder of the Hip Hinge 101 Workshop and a Strength & Conditioning Coach who has spent the past decade working in a variety of athletic performance and sports medicine environments.

We chat about Matt's industry come-up, his affinity for the hip hinge, and how he's providing true value to young coaches in the industry through social media.

You can find Matt on FacebookInstagram & Twitter.







Episode 34 - Q and A with J and K



Kevin and Justin take turns answering a few listener questions including:
- Should family be kept separate from business on social media?
- What is the best/worst part about entrepreneurship?
- What are some BOMB protein shake recipes?





2:00 – 21:00: Family and Business Separate on Social Media?

  • Why Justin & Kevin choose not to separate family from business on Instagram.
  • An example of people who should keep their stuff separate.
  • How posting about all aspects of life creates deeper connections.
  • Why our best performing Instagram posts are about our personal lives.
  • Balancing informative content vs. “selfish” content.


21:00 – 45:00: The Best/Worst Parts of Entrepreneurship?

  • Why working for yourself is so fulfilling.
  • The demands that come with being self-employed.
  • How the ability to create your own schedule changes your life.
  • How to differentiate between being busy vs. being productive.
  • The mental shift of spending time “off the clock.”


45:00 – 58:00: The Best Protein Shake Recipes?

  • Justin’s coffee-powered protein shakes.
  • Kevin’s base ingredients including banana, nut butter, and spinach.


Episode 33 - Become the Man You Were Meant to Be with Ryan Michler



Kevin and Justin welcome Ryan Michler on the show for a discussion about all things MAN. Ryan is the host of the enormously successful Order of Man podcast, and author of the new book Sovereignty: The Battle For The Hearts and Minds of Men. On this episode, Ryan explains the battle that men are facing in today’s increasingly soft society, and shares a couple sovereign virtues to help men regain their masculinity.





2:00 – 11:00: Order of Man

  • Why Ryan started Order of Man.
  • Staying consistent with his podcast every week for over 300 episodes.
  • Focusing on both the process and the results.
  • How the laws of physics apply to life.
  • Building, and relying on, strong habits through different periods of life.

11:00 – 35:00: Sovereignty

  • Why Ryan decided to write a book.
  • The responsibility we have to help others, even if we don’t necessarily enjoy it.
  • Airing out your own shit to help others get through theirs.
  • What sovereignty means.
  • The importance of taking responsibility and REIGNing over your own life.
  • The internal battle that men are facing in today’s society.
  • Why men need to become more self-reliant.
  • Becoming PROactive rather than PROactive.
  • What men do to protect their fragile egos.
  • How more discipline leads to more achievement.
  • Putting aside the way you feel in the moment to accomplish what needs to be done.
  • How being honest with the little things carries over to the big things.

35:00 – 40:00: The Fire Round

  • Ryan answers a series of random questions including his favorite podcast guest and what it means to be man.


Episode 32 - Kevin Quit His Job!



The guys discuss Kevin's big decision to quit his job! After four years at his corporate gig, he finally said goodbye to the cubicle to pursue a full-time career in fitness. Kevin and Justin chat about the events that led to this moment, how it all went down, and Kevin's immediate business plans.








Episode 31 - Fitness Adventures with Dominic Frazier



Kevin and Justin welcome Dominic Frazier on the show for a wide-ranging discussion on his personal backstory, our training philosophies, and the state of the fitness industry. Dom is a performance coach in Canton, Michigan, and previously spent time in Wisconsin and Florida working with some of the NFL's best including Antonio Brown, TY Hilton, and Michael Vick. On this show, you'll hear how Dominic got the opportunity to work with these studs, as well as our thoughts on "social media coaches" and current trends in fitness.





2:00 – 22:00: Dominic Frazier Background & Bio

  • Dom shares his story from starting at a YMCA in Wisconsin, to working with NFL players in Florida, to his own private practice in Michigan.
  • The benefit of working with people of all backgrounds, professions, and skill levels rather than becoming an “expert” in one field.
  • How Dom “stumbled into” training elite athletes.
  • Dom’s original goal to be Oprah’s trainer.
  • Working at FIU under great coaching.
  • How strength coaches’ jobs are often determined by a team’s performance on the field.
  • The value of finding someone who has already done what you want to do.


22:00 – 38:00: Social Media Coaches

  • Where would you be as a coach if social media didn’t exist?
  • Infographics- good or bad?
  • Personal training moving from in-person to online.
  • The biggest issue Kevin has with online training.
  • Why trainers overreact to certain fitness trends.
  • The one thing that sets good trainers and coaches apart from others.
  • Letting athletes be athletes.


38:00 – 53:00: Working with Michael Vick

  • How Dom got introduced to Mike Vick.
  • The approach Dom took with his training.
  • Why you shouldn’t be constantly trying to reinvent the wheel.
  • The tool that helped Mike Vick rush for 1,000 yards.
  • Why Dom never bragged about training him.
  • Professional athletes could likely perform at a high level regardless of their trainer.


53:00 –1:04:00: Coaching Philosophies

  • How to coach athletes that are different than you.
  • Learning to adapt to different personalities.
  • How to respond to athletes who don’t want to work.
  • Not all pros enjoy training.
  • Why it’s important to recognize failures.


1:04:00 –1:10:00: The Fire Round

  • Dom gets thrown into the fire round!


Episode 30 - Navigating Entrepreneurship with Cory Carpenter



Kevin and Justin welcome their good friend Cory Carpenter on the show for a wide-ranging chat about entrepreneurship. Cory started his fitness self-employment journey about two years ago, and in that time has trained many clients in-person and online and started a clothing brand- all while still working a full-time job. The guys discuss Cory's initial steps into entrepreneurship, his transition to working part-time, and how he embodies the FWYH lifestyle.





2:00 – 13:00: Cory Carpenter Background (and Just Talkin’ Shop)

  • What Cory was doing prior to entering the fitness industry.
  • Going to college, getting a “normal” job, and following the “typical” path.
  • Why it’s important to take the time to look around every once in a while and see how far you’ve come.
  • How all of our wives’ bring us back to reality.
  • Cory and the 4 AM crew don’t watch TV!


13:00 – 25:00: Getting Started

  • Cory’s first trip to Old School Gym.
  • When Cory Gregory made him realize that his dreams weren’t that outrageous.
  • The importance of starting with learning- personal development, training knowledge, etc.
  • Why starting small (instead of making a drastic jump) is more realistic and attainable for most people.


25:00 – 48:00: Transitioning to Part-Time Employment

  • Reverse engineering the process to reach your long-term goals.
  • Strategically transitioning rather than making an abrupt jump.
  • Opening doors to new ventures as you get deeper into the process.
  • Time is the most valuable asset.
  • The importance of reinvesting in your business.
  • The things that get you to Point A aren’t the same things that will get you to Points B, C, D.
  • Showing people the person behind the account.


48:00 – 1:01:00: The Old School Mindset

  • The impact Old School Gym and Cory Gregory has had on Cory.
  • How each of the guys make each other better in and outside of the gym.
  • Cory G’s statement to be the most impactful person in the industry.
  • Great leaders develop other leaders.
  • Cory’s personal training goals.
  • How the competitive environment at OSG brings the best out of the guys.


1:01:00 – 1:10:00: The Fire Round

  • Cory answers a series of random questions including the best piece of advice Cory G has ever given him and his first AOL instant messenger screen name.


Episode 29 - 4 Healthy Habits to Help You Dominate 2018



Kevin and Justin share 4 practical habits that you can apply instantly to ensure you dominate 2018. Strong habits are the foundation for success, so creating a few that you can rely on is crucial. These habits will help you eat healthier, move better, manage time more wisely, and stay accountable year-round.





3:00 – 5:00: Healthy Habits

  • Why it’s important to build strong habits.
  • Creating a foundation of success for any field.


5:00 – 19:00: Meal Prep

  • The issue with eating your meals on the fly.
  • There are meal prep services all over the country that you can use if you don’t want to cook.
  • Find an ideal time to cook.
  • Plan ahead for how much food you need for the week before going to the grocery store.
  • Keep your meal prep simple- NO RECIPES.
  • Justin goes Hollywood on us and drops a promo code.
  • Focus on convenient items for meal prep (things you can do easily) such as steamable veggies, and bulk protein sources.


19:00 – 31:00: Keep a Schedule

  • Plan your days/weeks in advance.
  • Visual reminders of all appointments, meetings, etc. is key.
  • Scheduling will help you prioritize time effectively.
  • It’s important to even schedule “free” time and minor tasks.
  • Plan the following day, the night before- clothes, meals, etc.
  • If you wake up every morning and begin to plan your day, you’re already behind.
  • Limit the number of decisions you have to make in the morning.
  • Decision fatigue is REAL. The more decisions you have to make, the more you drain your willpower.
  • Environment trumps willpower. Create a positive and nourishing environment.


31:00 – 45:00: Walking

  • Exercise OUTSIDE of the gym is extremely important.
  • The benefits of walking include improved recovery, mobility, posture, mental clarity, and much more.
  • Walk for 30 minutes per day, everyday. Break that up however you’d like.
  • Desk workers should get up and walk multiple times throughout the work day.
  • Suggestion- walk for 10 minutes after every meal (helps with digestion).
  • High intensity cardio is great, but don’t neglect the benefits of low intensity.
  • Something is always better than nothing, especially on days you’re not feeling it.
  • If you don’t have time for a full workout, microdose movement throughout the day (walking, mobility, stretching, etc.).
  • Daily exercise DOES NOT necessarily offset the negative effects of sitting.


45:00 – 52:00: Critique Yourself

  • Hold yourself accountable.
  • Bad days happen- but you have to review and learn from them, rather than just sweep them under the rug.
  • The Power List (from Andy Frisella)- 5 tasks to do every day. Either you win or you lose.
  • Losses should anger you. You should want to win every day.
  • Write down your wins and losses and keep track of your record.


Episode 28 - Helping Athletes Find Their Edge with Tim DiFrancesco




3:00 – 15:00: The Road to the NBA

  • Tim outlines his sports medicine and athletic training background.
  • Tim’s journey to becoming the Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, including a cross-country move to work for their D League affiliate in Bakersfield.
  • Tim’s mindset walking into the locker room for the first time.


15:00 – 35:00: Working with the Lakers

  • Dealing with the crazy turnover in pro sports from a training standpoint.
  • Avoiding the temptation to make an athlete “better”, and focus on making them more “prepared”.
  • Putting your ego aside and letting athletes be athletes.
  • The difference between coaching younger rookies and more experienced veterans.
  • Was Kobe in “Mamba Mode” at all times?
  • What happened the first time Tim met Kobe.


35:00 – 57:00: TD Athletes Edge

  • Why Tim ultimately decided to leave the Lakers.
  • Tim’s mission at TD Athletes Edge- to give athletes, of all levels, the tools necessary to succeed.
  • Tim’s new facility outside of Boston and his training style.
  • The overlooked similarities between training professional athletes and the general public.
  • How social media has sensationalized professional athletes’ training routines.
  • Good and bad trends in the fitness industry.
  • Properly managing recovery.


57:00 – 1:07:00: Advice for Setting Goals

  • Tim answers a series of random questions including the biggest savage he’s worked with in the weight room and his best Kobe Bryant story.