Episode 11 - Create Content Like A Pro With Andy Haley From STACK



2:00 – 8:00: Andy Haley Bio & Background

  • How Andy got a job at STACK straight out of college.
  • Andy’s role as the “gatekeeper” of content at STACK.


8:00 – 18:00: STACK Details

  • How STACK went from a print publication to a purely online magazine.
  • Curating content from the best coaches in the strength & conditioning industry.
  • Giving new writers (like Justin and Kevin) a platform to share their ideas.
  • Reaching 4-5 MILLION unique readers per month.
  • The acquisition of STACK by Blue Star Sports.


18:00 – 43:00: Tips to Become A Successful Writer in the Industry

  • Think about your audience first.
  • Provide actionable advice to the reader.
  • Stick to the main idea throughout the piece.
  • Building credibility through writing.
  • Successfully incorporating video into articles.


43:00 – 50:00: The Fire Round

  • Andy answers a series of random questions including his favorite fictional athlete and whether or not ketchup is acceptable on hot dogs.