Episode 12 - How To Better Prepare Your Athletes with Mitch Gill



4:00 – 8:00: Mitch Gill Bio & Background

  • Mitch’s path to becoming the head Athletic Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach at Dacula High School in Atlanta, GA.


8:00 – 20:00: Common Trends in High School Athlete Preparation

  • The issues with early sport specialization.
  • How neglecting the basics can get kids hurt.
  • Why body awareness is key for young athletes.
  • Should kids train to a 1 rep max?
  • Why overuse injuries such as patellar tendinitis are at an all-time high.


20:00 – 45:00: Combining Athletic Training with Strength & Conditioning

  • How Mitch got his opportunity to coach strength & conditioning.
  • The benefit of having an athletic training background in the weight room.
  • The hardest part about wearing both hats for his school.
  • Is balancing both jobs sustainable?
  • Why Mitch started a blog.
  • A rant about social media in the weight room.


45:00 – 59:00: Buy or Sell AND The Fire Round

  • Mitch weighs in on a series of topics including crossfit and the Falcons Super Bowl chances.
  • We throw Mitch into the fire round to answer questions such as the hotly debated subject of ketchup on hot dogs.