Episode 13 - Finding Industry Success At A Young Age with John Papp



5:00 – 14:00: John Papp Bio & Background

  • How John started coaching when he was just 15.
  • Working for free at Xceleration Fitness while still in college.
  • Building a brand through writing for online publications such as STACK.com and FitnessRX.


14:00 – 27:00: Why Having a “Niche” is BS

  • Why you should treat everyone like an athlete.
  • How to help ALL people achieve their fitness goals.
  • Even the best in the business train “regular people”.


27:00 – 41:00: Entering the Fitness Industry at an Early Age

  • Getting into the industry by any means necessary.
  • Avoiding the college party scene.
  • Doing whatever it takes to make an impression.
  • Has John’s age ever been a disadvantage?
  • Having an abundance mindset.


41:00 – 56:00: John’s Personal Training and Nutrition Philosophy

  • Combining powerlifting and bodybuilding for major gains.
  • Not subscribing to any one nutrition philosophy.
  • John’s goals for the rest of the year.


56:00 – 1:02:00: The Fire Round

  • John answers a series of questions including whether or not he could sink a free throw to win the NBA Championship and if he puts ketchup on hot dogs.