Episode 14 - Launch Your Online Training Career with Jay Azeltine



2:00 – 9:00: Jay Azeltine Bio & Background

  • Training at Old School Gym from the young age of 16.
  • Dropping out of college to take a full time job at MusclePharm.
  • Going all-in on building an online brand and business.


9:00 – 22:00: Growing Up in Old School Gym

  • How the gym has changed over time.
  • What sets Old School apart from other gyms.
  • The influence Cory and other mentors have had on Jay’s life.
  • Learning through actions rather than taking directions.


22:00 – 46:00: Making a Living as an Online Trainer

  • Did Jay always believe he could make a living online training?
  • The ups and downs of entrepreneurship.
  • Being consistent with content to drive business.
  • The systems Jay uses to serve clients.
  • The give and take of online vs. in-person training.
  • The behind-the-scenes work that goes into building an online brand.
  • Jay’s plans for the future of his business and other ventures.


46:00 – 53:00: Jay’s Current Training and Nutrition Protocol

  • High fat, high protein, moderate carb diet to prep for his California business trip.
  • High volume training including back twice a week for GAINS.


53:00 – 1:00:00: The Fire Round

  • Jay answers a series of questions including how he has such incredible hair and if he enjoys ketchup on hot dogs.