Episode 16 - Dream, Visualize, Engineer, Action: 4 Steps to Success with Matt Keeney



7:00 – 15:00: Matt Keeney Bio & Background

  • Using sports to escape a tough upbringing.
  • Playing college football.
  • Landing the local dream job after college, only to find that at 32 he was left wanting more.


15:00 – 33:00: Starting a Mobile Fitness Company

  • How coaching 2-3 Crossfit classes per week evolved into a full business.
  • Taking Cory Gregory's advice and "just going for it".
  • Buying a truck, trailer, and gym equipment to lead group classes in a parking lot.
  • Hosting classes at 3:45 AM for the local high school teachers.
  • Building a strong team that coaches 40-50 classes per month.


33:00 – 41:00: Matt's First Gym

  • How mobile fitness paved the way for Matt's first brick & mortar gym.
  • Putting his classes under a roof to endure the cold winter and maintain his clientele.
  • Establishing a strong presence in the community to further build a brand.
  • Making Crossfit-style training more safe and accessible to the public.


41:00 – 49:00: Matt's Current Training & Nutrition

  • Using Anabolic Fasting by Cory Gregory to stay lean and strong year-round.
  • Rotating between bodybuilding, powerlifting, and crossfit throughout the year and setting big goals along the way.


49:00 – 54:00: The Fire Round

  • Matt answers a series of random questions including his favorite kids' movie and the best piece of advice a coach has ever given him.