Episode 21 - The Ultimate Pull-Up Podcast With Meghan Callaway




0:00 – 5:00: Kevin & Justin Update + Intro

  • Why does Kevin have a black eye?
  • Is Kevin the next American Ninja Warrior?
  • Update on the progress of Justin’s new facility, PACE Fitness Academy.
  • Introducing our special guest, Meghan Callaway


5:00 – 30:00: Meghan Callaway’s Ultimate Pull-Up Program

  • Meghan touches on why adding competition to your life is so crucial to fitness and mental health success.
  • How a car accident became a blessing in disguise for Meghan’s personal and professional career.
  • What is the Ultimate Pull-Up Program?
  • Who is this program for?
  • How it was created?
  • Why you NEED to re-evaluate your pull-ups and check this program out.
  • Meghan loves ice cream and sometimes eats it for dinner. Find out why this is totally OKAY to do.
  • Major takeaways from The Ultimate Pull-Up Program … from customers.
  • Extremely thorough
  • Very comprehensive and progressive
  • It can accommodate nearly every fitness level and ability
  • You don’t have to be half-naked on Instagram to sell eBooks


30:00 –  35:00: Real Talk About Women’s Fitness

  • The Ultimate Pull-Up Program is for EVERYONE, but it was extremely important for Meghan to get this out to women to help offset some of the misconceptions about women’s fitness.
  • Ironically, some of Meghan’s initial inspirations for becoming a fitness pro are men due to the lack of solid advice coming from women during that timeframe.


35:00 –  44:00: How to Develop a Loyal Group of Supporting FOR FREE

  • How Meghan was able to maximize her following to sell an eBook by laying a foundation of trustworthy and useful FREE info for YEARS.
  • Goals for Meghan in the realm of entrepreneurship after seeing the success of her first product ever.
  • How to leverage social media into real relationships that benefit you both personally and professionally.
  • In the world of social media: QUALITY of followers trumps QUANTITY of followers.


44:00 – 55:00: The Fire Round w/ Meghan

  • Meghan does insane exercises that are probably not possible for anyone else.
  • Find out what food Meghan would eat daily if it had no effect on her health…
  • Great book recommendations from Meghan.
  • SHOTS FIRED at Erica Suter.


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