Episode 23 - What Are The 5 Best Exercises For Athletes?



0:00 – 12:00: Kevin & Justin Update + Intro

  • The guys chat about Catan, This Is Us, and the struggle of trying to gain weight.


12:00 – 19:00: The 5 Exercise Assignment

  • Discussing the EliteFTS article that sparked the idea for this podcast.
  • The challenge: You can only use 5 exercises to train all university athletes of all sports in all seasons. What are the exercises?


19:00 – 24:00: Trap Bar Deadlift

  • Great way to load the hip hinge to build a strong posterior chain.
  • Can do speed reps with lighter weight or low reps with heavy weight.
  • The trap bar variation is more accessible to most people than other deadlifts.


24:00 – 34:00: Push Up

  • Performing a proper push up is much more difficult than most people think.
  • Endless variations including varied hand placement, bands, chains, etc.
  • 1-Minute Push Up Challenge: Try making 1 push up last 1 full minute.


34:00 – 40:00: Dumbbell Prone Row

  • Prevents you from “cheating” reps on your rows by eliminating momentum.
  • Using a “sweeping” motion to hit lats rather than pulling straight up and down.


40:00 – 46:00: Bodyweight Inverted Row

  • Can use TRX straps, a barbell in rack, or even a laid-down truck bed.
  • Very scalable and adjustable with many variations.


46:00 – 54:00: Bulgarian Split Squat

  • Unilateral leg movement that builds strength, stability, and mobility.
  • A great lower body exercise for anyone with lower back problems.


54:00 – 1:01:00: Cossack Squat

  • Getting out of the sagittal plane and moving laterally is crucial.
  • Turns on the adductors, abductors, and strengthens/mobilizes hip flexors.


1:01:00 – 1:05:00: Farmer’s Carry

  • Builds real-world strength and is extremely functional.
  • Challenging both mentally and physically.


1:05:00 – 1:10:00: Broad Jump

  • Explosive, dynamic, and fun to do.
  • Displays lower body power and teaches proper takeoff/landing mechanics.


Original Article:

The Five Exercise Assignment