Episode 24 - Paying Dues And Earning Industry Success With Todd Sabol



2:00 – 20:00: SportsMEDiscussion Ownership

  • How Todd got involved in the sports medicine workshop business
  • How Todd literally paid his dues and worked off his "ownership debt" for nearly 2 years
  • Todd's history playing collegiate soccer while working as an athletic trainer and interning at a hospital, all while in school
  • Todd's plans for the future including opening a private practice and modernizing his workshops


20:00 – 30:00: Writing, Filming, and Podcasting

  • Getting more efficient at creating content and spreading the message
  • Having patience on social media and establishing strong connections


30:00 – 44:00: Competing in Powerlifting at 148 lbs.

  • Todd's current training and nutrition leading up to his next Powerlifting meet
  • Todd teases an upcoming project
  • The impact that a Power List has had on Todd


44:00 – 54:00: Fire Round

  • Todd answers a series of random questions including his first AOL screen name and the best piece of advice Cory Gregory ever gave him.