Episode 26 - Exercise Variations: Why? When? How? With Kelvin King Jr.




1:00 – 9:00: Kelvin King Jr. Bio & Background

  • Kelvin’s experience at Norfolk State University, where he found his passion for strength & conditioning.
  • How training with limited equipment early on sparked Kelvin’s creativity.


9:00 – 17:00: Working Full-Time + Training

  • How Kelvin manages a full-time job with coaching, writing, and family.
  • How Kelvin wound up cleaning gym equipment early in his career.
  • Inching toward jumping into training for a career.


17:00 – 30:00: Creating Unique Content

  • Kelvin’s process for writing articles for T Nation and STACK.
  • How Kelvin handles rejection and criticism.
  • The work that goes on behind-the-scenes when creating content.
  • How Kelvin got his name out in the industry prior to writing for major publications.


30:00 – 1:02:00: Exercise Variations

  • How Kelvin creates unique variations for common exercises.
  • Where Kelvin finds motivation for new exercises.
  • The importance of giving credit to the proper sources.


1:02:00 – 1:10:00: The Fire Round

  • Kelvin answers a series of random questions (and gest stumped a few times).