Episode 31 - Fitness Adventures with Dominic Frazier



Kevin and Justin welcome Dominic Frazier on the show for a wide-ranging discussion on his personal backstory, our training philosophies, and the state of the fitness industry. Dom is a performance coach in Canton, Michigan, and previously spent time in Wisconsin and Florida working with some of the NFL's best including Antonio Brown, TY Hilton, and Michael Vick. On this show, you'll hear how Dominic got the opportunity to work with these studs, as well as our thoughts on "social media coaches" and current trends in fitness.





2:00 – 22:00: Dominic Frazier Background & Bio

  • Dom shares his story from starting at a YMCA in Wisconsin, to working with NFL players in Florida, to his own private practice in Michigan.
  • The benefit of working with people of all backgrounds, professions, and skill levels rather than becoming an “expert” in one field.
  • How Dom “stumbled into” training elite athletes.
  • Dom’s original goal to be Oprah’s trainer.
  • Working at FIU under great coaching.
  • How strength coaches’ jobs are often determined by a team’s performance on the field.
  • The value of finding someone who has already done what you want to do.


22:00 – 38:00: Social Media Coaches

  • Where would you be as a coach if social media didn’t exist?
  • Infographics- good or bad?
  • Personal training moving from in-person to online.
  • The biggest issue Kevin has with online training.
  • Why trainers overreact to certain fitness trends.
  • The one thing that sets good trainers and coaches apart from others.
  • Letting athletes be athletes.


38:00 – 53:00: Working with Michael Vick

  • How Dom got introduced to Mike Vick.
  • The approach Dom took with his training.
  • Why you shouldn’t be constantly trying to reinvent the wheel.
  • The tool that helped Mike Vick rush for 1,000 yards.
  • Why Dom never bragged about training him.
  • Professional athletes could likely perform at a high level regardless of their trainer.


53:00 –1:04:00: Coaching Philosophies

  • How to coach athletes that are different than you.
  • Learning to adapt to different personalities.
  • How to respond to athletes who don’t want to work.
  • Not all pros enjoy training.
  • Why it’s important to recognize failures.


1:04:00 –1:10:00: The Fire Round

  • Dom gets thrown into the fire round!