Episode 34 - Q and A with J and K



Kevin and Justin take turns answering a few listener questions including:
- Should family be kept separate from business on social media?
- What is the best/worst part about entrepreneurship?
- What are some BOMB protein shake recipes?





2:00 – 21:00: Family and Business Separate on Social Media?

  • Why Justin & Kevin choose not to separate family from business on Instagram.
  • An example of people who should keep their stuff separate.
  • How posting about all aspects of life creates deeper connections.
  • Why our best performing Instagram posts are about our personal lives.
  • Balancing informative content vs. “selfish” content.


21:00 – 45:00: The Best/Worst Parts of Entrepreneurship?

  • Why working for yourself is so fulfilling.
  • The demands that come with being self-employed.
  • How the ability to create your own schedule changes your life.
  • How to differentiate between being busy vs. being productive.
  • The mental shift of spending time “off the clock.”


45:00 – 58:00: The Best Protein Shake Recipes?

  • Justin’s coffee-powered protein shakes.
  • Kevin’s base ingredients including banana, nut butter, and spinach.