Episode 38 - Is College Useless?



Kevin and Justin take on two of the most discussed questions in the podcast/personal development space:

1. Is college useless?
2. Should you grind through your 20s to "shine" in your 30s?

The guys weigh-in with their own personal experiences and perspectives. Coming from two dudes who are still in their 20s, with families and businesses of their own, and who have college degrees in fields they're no longer in, their opinion may be different than what you're used to hearing.





2:00-15:00: Catching Up with the Guys

  • An update on Justin’s gym.
  • Kevin’s travel schedule.
  • Why Justin once had 3 diamond stud earrings.

15:00 - 47:00: Is College Useless in Today’s Society?

  • Why the guys believe college is valuable.
  • There are certain skills that can be highly developed in college.
  • How college can transition you into adulthood.
  • Why expecting a 17-year-old to know what they want to do with their life is unrealistic.
  • Why exposing yourself to a new environment is necessary for growth.
  • What getting a degree says about you.
  • The relationships that are formed in college are often different than in other stages in life.
  • Our viewpoint on student loans.

47:00 - 1:04:00: Should You Grind Through Your 20’s to Shine in Your 30’s

  • Why having kids early skews our perspective.
  • Why enjoying experiences as they come is important.
  • Most people truly do need to grind more.