Episode 39 - Becoming a Player in the Industry with Cory Gregory



The man himself, Cory Gregory, is finally here.

Cory is the founder and owner of Max Effort Muscle, founder and owner of The Old School Gym, host of the Business and Biceps Podcast, cover model, elite powerlifter, and pro bodybuilder. He's also a mentor to both Justin and Kevin.

This week, the guys discuss some of the lesser-known parts of Cory's career including his first years as a personal trainer, his intro to online coaching in 2006, and the transition period between his former employer and his current supplement company. They also talk about why Cory resonates with millennials, and how young trainers can become players in the industry.





3:00 - 14:00: Pre-Internet Cory G

  • Building a local personal training business I the pre-internet era.
  • The importance of establishing local roots.
  • How Cory’s mindset shifted when he discovered online training.
  • Why you should provide value long before asking for anything in return.

14:00 - 22:00: Scaling Up

  • What Cory did when he got burned out on personal training.
  • Why Cory decided to roll the dice and go all in on supplements.
  • The importance of a family support system.

22:00 - 29:00: Restarting after MusclePharm

  • Why Cory left a “safe” situation, and how his family reacted.
  • How he established a foundation for Max Effort and Corygfitness in the months following his career switch.
  • Why Cory refuses to be unhappy.
  • The importance of being a practitioner in the industry.

29:00 - 43:00: Cory Loves the Kids

  • Why Cory connects with the millennial generation.
  • How Cory has “stayed young”.
  • Why being a “regular dude” is an advantage in the fitness industry.
  • Avoiding the ugly side of the industry.
  • How creating content has taken Cory to the next level.

43:00 - 51:00: How to Become a Player in the Industry

  • Building a personal brand while building a business.
  • Be different, be transparent, be real.
  • GRIND.
  • Keep a date on the calendar and show people the process.

51:00 - 54:00: The Fire Round

  • Cory answers a few rapid fire questions including what he wore on the first day of his senior year in high school and the most important thing he’s learned from Arnold.

You can find Cory on Instagram and Twitter.