Episode 4 - Fitness Is Not & Has Never Been One Size Fits All



2:00 – 40:00: Why Fitness Isn’t One Size Fits All

  • Workout and nutrition plans may be “good”, but not good for you.
  • Lifestyle differences is the most important factor.
  • Career obligations, family situations, stress, sleep, etc. play a huge role in the success of a certain plan and overall health.
  • A program should always add to your life, not take away from it.
  • Different programs and methods are required for specific goals.
  • Clearly define your goal and find a program that will accomplish it.
  • Your history should always be taken into account. Physical injuries and mental hurdles play a huge role in program effectiveness.
  • Food allergies and sensitivities may make certain “good” foods dangerous and unhealthy for you. Listen to your body!
  • Big picture principles may be the same person to person, but individual methods should be specific to you.


40:00 – 51:00: How to Find a Program That Works For You

  • Find someone with a similar lifestyle and similar goals who has found success and ask what they’re doing.
  • Find a mentor or coach that you trust who can develop a program specifically for you.
  • Find something that you enjoy which you can do consistently (like Jazzercise).
  • Find a program that IMPROVES your quality of life, not HINDERS it.


51:00 – 1:10:00: Buy Or Sell

  • Subjects include crossfit, Lavar Ball, ketchup, Halo Top Ice Cream, and Game of Thrones.



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*Note: We referenced xylitol in Halo Top Ice Cream, but meant to say erythritol.