Episode 41 - Creating an Elite Gym Culture with Terry Williams



This week, Justin and Kevin welcome Terry Williams on the podcast to discuss how he brings elite-level strength and conditioning to a group fitness environment.

Terry is the owner and lead instructor at The League in Houston, TX. He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist, working with athletes such as Super Bowl Champion Marcus Johnson, and is the author of the book The FlavorFuel Kitchen.

The guys discuss how the Beijing Olympics influenced Terry to become a trainer, how he uses the acronym PAC(K) to program his group workouts, and why rhythm is more important in life than balance.





3:00 - 8:00: Terry’s Intro to the Fitness Industry

  • Terry’s initial career plans, and why he decided to make a switch.
  • How the Beijing Olympics changed Terry’s life.

8:00 - 28:00: The League

  • How Terry came to own his gym- The League.
  • The advice from an NFL player that helped Terry navigate his career.
  • The advantages of being a private strength coach.
  • Why all of the guys enjoy working with the general public.
  • What the acronym PACK stands for, and how Terry runs his classes.
  • Why mixing pro athletes with “regular” people creates a great dynamic.
  • How Terry progresses his athletes from workout-to-workout.

28:00 - 35:00: Terry’s Daily Habits for Success

  • The importance of delegating as you level up in life.
  • Why it’s not about balance, it’s about rhythm.
  • Why Terry front-loads the week, and the day.

35:00 - 56:00: The Fire Round

  • The longest Fire Round ever! Terry answers a series of random questions including his favorite UT athlete of all-time and his hip-hop Mt. Rushmore.