Episode 63 - Functional Power Training with Dr. John Rusin



Kevin and Justin welcome Dr. John Rusin on the podcast to chat about his new program, Functional Power Training (FPT).

Dr. John Rusin is a world-renowned sports performance expert who specializes in injury prevention and preventative based pain-free programming. With more than a decade of elite-level training experience and advanced degrees in both exercise science and physical therapy, Dr. Rusin has developed performance, regeneration, and aesthetics programs for some of the world’s best strength, power, and endurance athletes.

On top of that, John is just a cool-ass dude, and someone that Justin and Kevin both consider a mentor.

On this episode, the guys dive deep into everything that went into making Functional Power Training Dr. Rusin's best work yet, including:

- The inspiration for FPT
- How FPT is different than a typical powerlifting program
- The unconventional methods and intensity techniques in FPT
- The role of energy systems development in the program
- How FPT gets you strong while keeping you healthy
...and MUCH more!

Come for the knowledge bombs, stay for the Dave Tate stories.

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